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Importing Email from A Webmail to Gmail

There are times where customers request having her emails forwarded to another emails address.

Steps on Importing emails from one Webmail to another Webmail

Step 1: Once logged into the Webmail guide customer to click on "Settings"

Step 2: Once in settings have customer click on "Other Accounts"

Step 3: After clicking on "Other Accounts" Click on the Button to the right that says "Add"

Step 4 : Fill in the Information Under the "Add POP3 Account" Section

Email: Enter Webmail that you would like to import

Username: Same as Email

Password: Same as webmail's

Server Address:

Server Port: 110

Please note the Default Folder is set as Inbox by default but you are able to have the imported emails sent to another folder in order to distinguish between which emails came from where.